Have you heard about electric mountain bikes?

Electric mountain bikes have the same features as standard mountain bikes. However, there is a major advantage to these bikes: they come equipped with a powerful battery pack and an electric motor operated by a throttle on the handlebars.

It’s up to you how much you pedal - you can use the motor on its own or you can pedal along with the motor. You can expect to achieve from 20 to 30 miles per charge of the battery, depending on the terrain involved.

You do not need a driving licence, MOT, tax or insurance to operate these bikes in the UK. This is fast becoming an attractive option for people in cities due to high car insurance costs and traffic congestion.

You can purchase your very own electric bike on electricmountainbikes.com. Here you will find a variety of electric bikes on offer. The more popular models include the Folding Electric Montague Paratrooper, the Heinzmann and the Electric Goat. The site offers a 14-day return guarantee on all bikes, so you can test out the bike in confidence that your investment is secure.

Electric mountain bikes are recommended for people recovering from injuries, who are looking to start light exercise but aren't up to cycling long distances. This is where the electric bike comes to the fore. With a simple flick of the throttle you could be cruising along with the wind in your face - at no physical exertion to yourself! What do you think, are electric bikes the future of bike travel?

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