Hatton pre-fight hype begins to bubble

Forget the England football prima donnas: boxer Ricky Hatton, a real English sporting hero, carries the flag against Floyd Mayweather on 8 December. And it’s bubbling up to be quite a scuffle.

During the pre-fight hype, Mayweather threatened to break Hatton’s jaw. Well, it is a boxing match, after all. Then, bizarrely, the five-weight reigning WBC champ said he wished he was in prison (?) so he could make Hatton his ‘bitch’.

How terribly uncouth of Mr Mayweather. Mr Hatton, kindly administer the impudent Yank a damned good beating. There’s a good fellow. Here's the footage from a recent press conference which sees Hatton with handbags at dawn (comes with a strong language warning):

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