Hatton gives Mayweather the finger

In an ungainly shoving match at a press conference last night, Ricky Hatton told Floyd Mayweather he was a dead man walking by drawing his finger across his throat.

Of course, Ricky didn’t literally mean he was going to sever Mayweather’s windpipe and jugular with a sharp blade, hence killing him. What he meant was he’s going to batter him on Saturday night (our Sunday morning).

In typical Hatton fashion, mild-mannered Ricky suggested the gesture was not meant to offend, merely to unnerve. Mayweather’s own use of mind games are well-documented.

In typical Hatton fashion, Ricky dismissed the incident saying he’d have a coffee and a crap and forget about it. Nicely put, Ricky.

(Image: from mateoutah's flickr stream) 

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