Hats off…

Rarely do we get a collective lump in our throat… but we did today. Reading an excellent piece in the Telegraph, it was a privilege to learn a little about two remarkable rugby players – from an era long gone. The article is an unsentimental but deeply moving tribute to the achievements, sportsmanship, spirit and camaraderie of Dr Jack Matthews and Bleddyn Williams.

They are men from a different age – an age of war, sacrifice, and unblemished sportsmanship.

Professionalism in sport produces quicker, stronger, more skilful athletes these days, especially in rugby union. But the over-powering need to be ultra-competitive has all but strangled the very essence of sport that used to make it such a magical force for good – that, especially at the highest level, it was all about taking part, not just about winning at all costs.

The article is great. Read it and weep.

(Image: from ezioman’s flickr stream)

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