Hart rages as Real fight back

Manchester City had a frustrating start to their Champions League campaign. Twice they led Spanish champions Real Madrid in the Bernabeu before eventually succumbing to a late winner from Cristiano Ronaldo.

City had survived cosnsiderable Real pressure in the first half, with goalkeeper Joe Hart in outstanding form. Edin Dzelko gave them the lead with a breakaway in the second half, but Marcelo equalised soon after. When Aleksandr Kolarov’s free-kick was deflected into the Real net, City began to dream of an unlikely victory. Those hopes were ended by Karim Benzema’s equaliser and Ronaldo’s late strike.

Joe Hart was outspoken about what he perceived as his defence’s inability to protect their lead. "It's not on," he said. "You can't go 2-1 up and lose the game. We can only blame ourselves. They are a very good team and so are we. We dug deep, got a lead twice and threw it away. It's hard to come off the field after losing 3-2 and be positive."

City manager Roberto Mancini was frustrated that his side came out of the game with nothing, but was scathing about Hart’s comments. "Joe Hart should stay in goal and make saves" he said. "If anyone should criticise the team it should be me, not Joe Hart. I am the judge, not Joe Hart."

Mancini found it difficult to explain why captain Vincent Kompany had ducked away from Ronaldo’s shot, leaving the goalkeeper unsighted. "I don't know why – I saw the goal, but I haven't asked him why this happened. Usually he doesn't do this, but the mistake is that he did. We are disappointed for this."

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