Harry… Noooooooooo!

Don’t do it, Harry. It’s the world’s most poisoned chalice. It sounds such a great opportunity. Big club. Madly loyal fans. Billionaire owner. Half-decent set of players in the squad already. And a big-old war chest to bring in your own talent.

The problem with the Newcastle manager’s job is that you could win the World Cup and the fans still wouldn’t be happy. And if the Toon Army isn’t pleased, the owner of Newcastle Football Club – whomever he (or she, it could be a lady) might be – is forced to sack you. It’s as simple as that.

Plus, if you’re not from Newcastle, you’ve got another big obstacle to overcome. Out-of-Tooners need to show their mettle ten-fold compared to homegrowners, if they’re to be taken to the black and white bosom of the Toon.

Stay on the south coast, H. Enjoy yourself at Pompey. You’ve created a great side to watch, bringing a much-needed flourish to the way the second division of the Premier League plays. Keep it up, son. We miss you at Upton Park.


(Image: from YouTube)

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