Harry Redknapp keen for Luka Modric to stay

Harry Redknapp has said that he is not interested that his star midfielder Luka Modric wants to leave Tottenham Hotspur, or whether he has put in a formal transfer request; he doesn't want him to leave and will be doing all he can to make sure that he stays in north London for the start of the season.

Modric has been angling for a move to London rivals Chelsea all summer, but Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has continually rebuffed their offers, including one for £27million. Now it looks as though Spurs will simply refuse Modric his move, understandable given that he's only 14 months into a six-year contract.

'We know he wants to leave, whether he writes it down on a piece of paper doesn't really make any difference to our stance,' he told BBC Sport. 'He's a great player and we don't want to lose him.

'Hopefully he will go away and get a bit of football now and just get on with it. We hope that he will come back and get ready for the new season.'

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