Harry Redknapp hints that Spurs may sell Luka Modric

Harry Redknapp has given the biggest hint yet that Luka Modric might be on his way out of Tottenham Hotspur, after suggesting that Spurs would be able to buy four players and therefore 'have a better team'.

Chelsea have been pestering Spurs for the Croat's signature all summer, and after having bids of £22 million and £27million rejected, will probably come back for one last try. Redknapp wants to strengthen his squad, and appears resigned to the fact that any money he gets to spend will have to come from his sale.

'We all love our club, but if someone comes along who offers to treble your wages and could win the Champions League, then it's not easy,' he said. 'He's had his head turned.

'I want to see him here at the start of the year, but if he goes then you get three or four players. They're your options: get the money and get four players and, in all honesty, have a better team, or keep Luka, who is a fantastic player.

'We need to bring a bit of quality in. People like Luka Modric are looking to see what happens. Van der Vaart and Bale are looking to see if we are going to improve and bring a couple of quality players in here. They all want to be successful. We know we have to improve.

'We finished two points above Liverpool last year and they've improved. They're looking to close that gap and if you spend that money there is every chance you will. We know we have to improve to stay in front of them, let alone stay with the teams in front of us. We're looking to shift players, but it's not been easy creating space and generating money.'

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