Harry Redknapp denies that he doesn't care about the Europa League

Everyone knows that the Europa League is a little bit after the Lord Mayor's show these days: after the quality of two nights of Champions League football, it feels like you're watching an inferior product somehow. No wonder Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp clearly cannot be bothered with it.

He has taken out a group of almost complete unknowns to face PAOK Salonika in Greece, leaving 10 of the players who won at Wolves at home in London. The likes of Andros Townsend, Jake Livermore and Yago Falque, which will no doubt make the Spurs fans out there extremely happy to have paid for the trip. However, Redknapp has claimed that he's not prioritising Sunday's game with Liverpool – oh no siree.

'It's not a case of prioritising a game, it's just what I have got, I couldn't bring players out here, play them on Thursday night and play the same group against Liverpool,' said the Spurs boss. 'If I get a few injuries I have no back-up. I have nine senior, very, very good players who are injured.

'Some of them have played two international games so I wanted to change the team around. I have not been able to use the strong group I have for this first game because for this first game they're not fit. After this we will be able to field almost two very, very good teams in Europe.'

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