Harmison’s errant boots delay return

Steve Harmison, England’s pace man, is fit and raring to go in Sri Lanka. He just doesn’t have any boots to play in. The big man’s kit bag, on its way from South Africa where he’s been playing to prove his fitness, failed to arrive in time. So Steve had to sit in the stands while England officials harried staff at Colombo airport to get a move on.

It’s kind of reassuring to know that international sports stars suffer the same travel hiccoughs as us mere mortals. And yet, it doesn’t reflect too well on us as a cricketing super-power, does it? One of our best players unable to perform because he doesn’t have any kit…

Let’s hope the England kit man remembers to bring Crouchie’s size 19s to Wembley tonight.

Come on England!

(Image: from Goldberg’s flickr stream)

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