Happy to quit

Ronnie O’Sullivan has offered to quit snooker after the row he kicked up over his 147 break shenanigans. Yesterday we reported that he had decided not to finish his 147 attempt because he didn’t consider the £4,000 prize money worth it, and the reaction has put him in another melodramatic tizzy.

The Rocket says that he spoke to Barry Hearn, the chairman of World Snooker, and said that if he wanted him to fall on his sword over it. Yes Ronnie, because Barry Hearn is going to ask his only true star to quit after a minor row of conduct at the table. But you knew that, right?

‘I'll give the £4000 to charity because it's not the money,’ O'Sullivan said. ‘It would be nice if there was a bigger prize. I think there should be really. But I won't be losing sleep over it. It's just weird what people read into it.

‘I was talking to Barry Hearn yesterday and I told him: ‘If you like, this is my last frame of snooker ever. I'm quite happy to walk away’.’

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