Hands off

The Guardian are reporting that Internazionale are set on bringing England boss Fabio Capello back to Italy after the World Cup. They claim that Inter president Massimo Moratti has targeted Capello as their replacement for José Mourinho, who is almost certainly going to be managing Real Madrid next season.

However, Capello has said that he isn’t paying attention to the apparent interest, which appears to be little more than speculation (certainly there is nothing about it in Italy’s sport bible La Gazzetta Dello Sport): ‘Juventus, Inter, Madrid, all the other teams, Milan … It's good for me, but I am just focused on the World Cup,’ he said.

‘I have a contract with the FA and the only way it will finish is if they decide to sack me,’ said Capello last week. ‘I see my name linked with lots of jobs in England, Spain and Italy, but I'm happy here with the FA. I like my job, I like this country and I don't think about my future. My future is about tomorrow and the World Cup.’

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