Hamilton wins for Team GB

Lewis Hamilton dedicated his Hungarian Grand Prix victory to the British and Grenada Olympic teams, and then said that McLaren needed to improve their car if they wanted to challenge Fernando Alonso in this year’s championship.

Wearing "Go Team GB" and "Go Team Grenada" messages on his helmet, Hamilton said, "I am very proud to be British but I am also proud to have some Grenadian heritage. It's really a great feeling and at such an important time in British sport to have a result like this to stand next to, hopefully, the rest of the Great Britons who get their gold, is a really great feeling."

It was an overdue race win for Hamilton. "I definitely need it," he said. "Especially after the last three disastrous races. It was a really, really great day. Even though we had a really disastrous race in the last one I came here with the intention of winning. I always come with the intention of winning but in my mind it was so set. I was really pumped."

Hamilton would have liked the victory to have been smoother, and believes that is the challenge for the McLaren construction team. "Today was on a knife-edge to stay ahead," he said. "It would be nice to have a comfortable race where we stay ahead where me and Jenson get a one-two, but that's going to come from more performance in the car and that's what we've got to work towards. I really hope we have another upgrade and I'm going to be pushing for that upgrade."

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