Hamilton ambitious for success at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has been talking about his move from McLaren to Mercedes. The Formula One driver claims the change of car is motivated by ambition rather than money.

Speaking in Tokyo before the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton said he would depart on good terms with McLaren, and wouldn’t rule out the possibility of returning to the team in the future. He said the decision to switch had been a tough one.

"It was hard. Really, really hard," he said. "It was very, very stressful and then there became a crunch time where there was pressure from the team. I had a couple of deadlines, I didn't meet any one of them. There was one deadline and we didn't do anything with it. We just went on to another deadline. But then the decision was made. It really, really was tough but once I made the decision I was so much more relaxed."

He admitted that it had been a wrench to leave McLaren and the team chief Martin Whitmarsh, who had been very supportive of his career. "When you are with a team for so long you generally learn to love them. I think I will always have McLaren at heart even when I am driving for another team down the line. I will still have a bit of my heart that is McLaren."

Hamilton believes that Mercedes, under Ross Brawn’s guidance, can produce a car capable of challenging for titles. "I just know that everyone has to experience those things, working with new people and new environments," he said. "That is just part of growing. It's my last step of independence I guess."

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