Ha, ha, hArsenal!

If we were Spurs fans – and we’re not (you can tell because we’ll stay to the end of writing this entry) – we’d be pretty cheesed off with the headlines this morning.

Instead of a glowing report on their destruction (it’s the only word that’s really fitting here) of title contenders Arsenal, all attention seems to be on the alleged head-butting incident between two Arsenal players.

It was a fine performance from Tottenham, not just because they’ve got a squad full of average players (Chimbonda, who are ya?) but also because it was a game they had to win to keep their season alive. Pressurised stuff. And nice to see Jermaine Jenas have such a good game too. Capello will be tracking him, we’re sure.

Can’t wait for tonight’s game. Go on the Toffees!

(Image: from Kieran Lynam’s flickr stream)

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