Gunners on Fire

Arsenal cruised past Leeds United last night, putting themselves in the fourth round of the FA Cup, where they will face the relative minnows of Huddersfield Town at the Emirates stadium.

The Gunners beat the Whites 3-1 at a passionate Elland Road, displaying their Premier League class in the face of a spirited Leeds performance, but the win was almost overshadowed by comments from midfielder Denilson in the Brazilian media that Cesc Febregas was not a ‘born leader’. However both the Spaniard and the manager agree that the Brazilian was misquoted.

‘The report is coming back from Brazil and is not at all the spirit of the comment that was made,' said Wenger. 'Either you have bad translators or good translators with a bad spirit.

‘Denilson and Fabregas are two very good friends and have a lot of respect for each other. Cesc is our captain and Robin van Persie our vice-captain and we have many leaders in our team.

‘We have a shared leadership in our team but I believe Fabregas is an outstanding leader, especially when you consider he's 23 years old, with personality and character, and Van Persie as well. I believe what is important in the way we want to play football is that everyone takes responsibility.’

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