Gunner be ready

Good news for Arsenal fans worried about the bloody great shoeing their side faces in Barcelona tomorrow night: Arsene Wenger has revealed that your inspirational captain Cesc Fabregas is 90 per cent to start the game.

The Gunner’s star player will be sorely needed in the Camp Nou, where they are looking to protect a 2-1 lead against the best club side in the world, and where they were given an almighty 4-1 hammering last season. They are also bolstered by the fact that everyone who played on Saturday - apart from Alex Song - should be available, but given that they drew 0-0 with Sunderland that might not be the most heartening news.

‘Fabregas will have a final test today,’ Wenger said. ‘It is 90 per cent he will travel and be fit. It is vital for us because he is important in the transition between attacking and defending. He is also the leader of the team so we want him there.

‘Alex Song is completely out. He had a test on Sunday morning and it was negative. Wilshere will be fit. Everybody else who played on Saturday should be available.’

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