Guardiola chooses Bayern Munich ahead of Premier League

The billionaires who own Chelsea and Manchester City can’t buy everything it seems. After making a few flirtatious remarks about how keen he was to manage a Premier League club, Pep Guardiola announced that he will take charge at Bayern Munich in the summer.

The 43 year-old former Barcelona boss was the most coveted manager in world football. With Roberto Mancini’s volatile relationship with his Manchester City players undermining his long-term job security and Rafael Benitez strictly a caretaker at Chelsea, Guardiola could have seen which club would offer the most truckloads of cash for his services. Instead he opted for Bayern.

Chelsea in particular will be dismayed by Guardiola’s decision, especially after he had seemed to be inviting a job offer with recent remarks. "I hope in the future I have a challenge to be a coach or a manager there and feel the experience of all the coaches and players that have been there," he said, talking about the Premier League. "It is unique, to play in that league. The support is amazing. I want to feel the supporters, the environment, the media and the style of the players and everything."

Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand offered his opinion on Twitter, continuing his evolution from loudmouth to mature analyst: "The news of Pep going to Bayern Munich was a shock," he tweeted, "until you step back and think why: stability, organised, competitive in Champions League, money to invest, history and time I'm assuming to put his stamp on the club. He obviously wasn't guaranteed all that at other clubs he was linked to." Perhaps Guardiola is thinking that, when the Bayern contract ends, there might be a vacancy for Alex Ferguson’s successor at United.

Guardiola’s decision to head for the Bundesliga leaves one high-profile manager in a key position to secure one of the top Premier League jobs for next season. The return of the Special One, Jose Mourinho, becomes very much more likely.

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