Groin strain

As if Chelsea’s season wasn’t already turning from bad to worse as the weeks roll on, one of the architects of their success – Frank Lampard – has said that he will never fully recover from the hernia and groin problem that caused him almost half a season.

The England midfielder and goal machine was out for four months after picking up an injury that was initially believed to only be a minor problem. Instead Lampard will have to pay special attention to the injury for the rest of his playing days, as it could resurface at any time.

‘I've got to try to keep it strong because I've got a weakness there,’ said Lampard. ‘My tendon came off the bone and it doesn't go back, you just have to stay very strong in that area. I've spoken to players who've had it and they know the frustrations and the aftermath and what you have to do.

‘You just have to do an extra two or three sessions a week in the gym to keep it strong. It was a bad injury and I still feel it occasionally. There are no sharp pains or anything, but the more games I play, the sharper I'll be, and I'm determined to have a good second half to the season because I basically missed the first half.’

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