Green day soon?

Whoever takes the England job has one big decision to make straight away. He – or she, it could be a lady – needs to sort out our goalkeeping issues.

David James is probably the most likely candidate to take the revered green/yellow/purple/sky-blue/magenta/aubergine/midnight-buff jersey. But he’s knocking on a bit. Paul Robinson plays for Spurs. ‘Nuff said. And poor Scott Carson had his chance and he royally blew it. Sorry, Scott, but you did, buddy. Whatever else went on on that horrible night, you made a Jordan-sized boob you’d expect to see from a pub-side keeper.

So, what about Robert Green then? He’s in scintillating and, importantly, consistent form. He’s got experience and, let’s face it, he gets plenty of shot-stopping practice at West Ham.

So, Jose – or whoever else takes the job after you’ve been offered it and rejected it – pick Greenie!

(Image: from elsie.esq’s flickr stream)

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