Green and gold protest: what's that?

Manchester United have obviously taken the anti-Glazer protests from their supporters to heart. The club have cracked down on fans and players not towing the party line, and the official lines of communication have basically started pretending that there is no protest and everything is fine, thank you very much. Here’s a list of things that the club haven’t done over the last few weeks, if you work for MUTV:

  • Banned players from discussing the campaign in the media.
  • Forbidden the in-house TV station, MUTV, from referring to the rebellion and edited questions about it from broadcasts of Ferguson's press conferences.
  • Ejected a supporter from the audience of an MUTV show after he refused to remove a green-and-gold scarf.
  • Sacked a steward after 19 years’ service for attempting to return a confiscated anti-Glazer banner to its owners.

Nice eh? Meanwhile chief executive David Gill is dribbling out corporate platitudes and claiming that the Glazers would be running the club for many more years. What form future protests might take isn’t clear yet, but it’d going to take more than trophies to placate the United fans.

‘Everyone has the right to protest and there was certainly a lot of green and gold there,’ Gill said at the announcement of a five-year sponsorship deal with Telekom Malaysia, despite being in charge of the club which is trying to ban the protest. ‘But this partnership demonstrates the strength of the club. We will be around for the length of this five-year deal and many more in addition to that.’

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