Great BMX bikes for sale in ireland

There are very few shops that stock BMX bikes for sale in Ireland and most of them that do, don't actually sell any decent ones. For this reason we had to take our search online.

We actually managed to find a great online store that is also a shop you will find in an Irish major city. This is a great way to shop because you can look through all the types online, reserve it and drive down to your local shop to pick it up.

Check out a huge selection of BMXs on the halfords.ie website. Halford is an English store that has popped up all over Ireland in recent years. Thankfully they stock some really top of the line BMXs.

Trax BMX Bike - 20": This is a great starter bike that is priced at only €89. It is strong enough to take a decent amount of punishment so learning to bunny hop on this should be no problem.

The frame is a little heavier than the pro bikes but it is the perfect bike to start off with. It comes with front and rear pegs out of the box so you are ready to jump on and start trying to nail some tricks.

X-Rated Snare Boys Dirt Jump BMX Bike: This is a much more pro version of a BMX bike. With it's lightweight aluminium frame, endless spinning front forts and pegs you are ready to take this to the dirt instantly.

It works well both off road and on so you can practice your flatland tricks when your at home and your off road ticks when you take it to the countryside. It is €174 but this is a beautifully crafted bike that will last for years even under brutal punishment.

When you want to book it simply click reserve and mark your local store. The bike will be waiting for you on arrival.

If it's BMX bikes for sale in Ireland you seek, Halfords have got you covered.

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