grand slam tennis tournaments

There has certainly been some great grand slam tennis this year and with the US Open being the last of the year, this article will look both ahead and back at the grand slams that took place this year.

In a few weeks the US Open is due to commence at Flushing Meadows and Novac Djokovic will be hoping to secure his third grand slam of the year after winning both the Australian Open and Wimbledon earlier in the year. The other grandslam took place in May and the French Open saw Rafael Nadal reign victorious yet again on his favourite surface, clay court.

In a great year for Women's tennis, Kim Clijsters won the opening grandslam in Australia whilst Li Na was the eventual winner at the French open where she defeated Italian Francesca Schiavone in straight sets. The victory in France meant she became the first Asian country representative to win a grand-slam, making her a deserved national hero. Wimbledon was eventually won by Petra Kvitova at the tender age of 21. Her powerful serve proved too much for Maria Sharapova who fell to a straight set defeat against the young Kvitova.

With attention now turning to the US open, speculation has already begun amongst experts and tennis fanatics who are debating who they believe will reign victorious in Flushing Meadows. One thing is for certain, the tournament won't fail in presenting the worlds best tennis talent who will be doing their all to finish the year with a grand slam to their name.

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