Grand Slam Sunday: Man Utd vs Liverpool

This year the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, Easter Sunday, has been rebranded Grand Slam Sunday with Man Utd taking on Liverpool.

Just like Easter, Man Utd and Liverpool games are a veritable moveable feast. They've battled it out in the Premiership, the FA and League cups at various times during the year.

These two teams have served up some absolute classics over the years and just like a child who secretly nibbles on their Easter egg, Sportscene just couldn't wait until Sunday.

So, we've gone ahead and compiled a video gallery of some of classic games between Man Utd and the Liverpool to tie us over.

Man Utd 2 Liverpool 1, 1977
Man Utd 2 Liverpool 1, 1985
Man Utd 3 Liverpool 1, 1989
Man Utd 2 Liverpool 1, 1999

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