Grand Slam in sight

England coach Martin Johnson has said that his England side needs to be better than they were against Scotland if they want to win the Six Nations Grand Slam next weekend.

England struggled to beat the Scots at Twickeham, and although they eventually ran out 22-16 winners against the Auld Enemy, Johnson knows that if they want to beat Ireland in Dublin they had better be a lot more incisive and intelligent when they get the ball in hand. If they were to beat Ireland it would mean their first Grand Slam since 2003, when Johnson was captain.

‘We've got lots to be better,' he said. 'We know we can play a lot better than that. We'll be in a fight (against Ireland) and we've got to make sure we are a bit smarter the next time we play.

'I'd be happier in a way going to Dublin next week off the back of that game rather than scoring a lot of points and having it easy. It focuses everybody's mind. When everyone is telling you how good you are, it can leak in a little bit.

‘We've won four from four in the championship. It will be good to go away for a real tough game in Dublin. We've had three on the trot at home, two of which we have been heavy favourites for. It's good to go away and play Ireland. They will be smarting after losing to Wales [but] it's a cracking game for us to play. We've earned it.’

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