Government drops post-Olympics sport participation targets

If there’s one thing you can guarantee from politicians, and the political class in general, it’s broken promises: the latest one is one of the key legacy aims from the London 2012 Olympics, which was the pledge to get one million adults to play more sport. This targets, which by all accounts aren’t anywhere near being met, are to be dropped.

The government is apparently looking to shift its emphasis away from adults and towards those in their late teens and early twenties, who they hope will become more active in sport. Significantly one of the other promises made by Labour in the aftermath of London winning the Games, to get one million other people more physically active, has also been quietly dropped. Meanwhile The Guardian believes that first target will be replaced by a ‘more meaningful national measure’. Nice, eh?

‘I do think it's reasonable to ask whether, with resources as constrained as they are, if it's an appropriate use of taxpayers money to be focusing on adult participation when really what we want is to be getting young people into a habit for life,’ said Jeremy Hunt, the Olympics secretary. ‘We are looking very closely at whether we should target our resources more effectively in that respect. That would be a very significant shift that we're actively talking to them about.’

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