Gossip-mongers get busy

The January transfer window is about to creak open and another influx of average players is set to sully the dullest league in the world even further. Here’s some headlines we’d like to see:

Cantona eezzz back
Eric Cantona is set to sign a new deal to come out of retirement and pull on the red shirt for one more season.

Stan’s the man for City
Stan Collymore is Sven’s latest target to partner Noel Gallagher upfront for City.

Hansen totally right for Rangers
Alan Hansen is set to sign for Rangers as player-manager.

Galaxy hope to Cruise to title
Tom Cruise will partner David Beckham upfront for the Galaxy next season.

One look at the tittle-tattle in the papers today, and you’ll see that some of these are not quite as far-fetched as they might seem.

(Image: from hmvh’s flickr stream)

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