Gorillaz Monkey video for the Beijing Olympics

The lead up to the Beijing Olympics has been punctuated by controversy and never ending bouts of bad publicity, from fears over the air quality in the Chinese capital to Free Tibet protests following the Olympic Torch relay.

How could the tarnished image of the Olympics be rescued? With the help of Monkey of course. The BBC enlisted the talents of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewett, aka Gorillaz, to create a trailer for the upcoming games featuring characters from the Chinese novel Journey to the West, which was made world famous by the 70s Cult TV show Monkey Magic.

While Albarn and Hewett's efforts are impressive, they don't hold a candle to the intro from Monkey Magic and its unforgettable theme tune. The Chinese authorities will just be happy that people aren't talking about the air-pollution in Beijing for a couple of days.

Gorrilaz Olympic trailer
Monkey Magic

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