Gordon Banks backs David James as England's No1

Gordon Banks has backed David James to be England’s No1 at next month’s World Cup ahead of Joe Hart and Rob Green. The goalkeeping legend, who was crucial to the World Cup win in 1966, backed James despite some patchy form.

‘It's very, very difficult,’ Banks told reporters this afternoon. ‘There's nothing to choose between the three of them really. Joe Hart is really the most consistent one but he hasn't played a full international match for England, he has only played half a game.’

‘I think that it would be a little bit dodgy if [Fabio Capello] decided to play him [Hart] because he hasn't got experience of playing in a World Cup, he could freeze a little bit. The other two are very much of the same mould. They make the most fantastic saves, that probably no other goalkeeper could make, but then they make an error which could lose a goal.’

However, when pressed on who he would choose banks opted for James: ‘It's a very difficult question. I don't know to be honest. James has come back and he's had some really good games. Green has played very well for West Ham even though they haven't had a very good season.’

‘Sometimes, watching games, his positioning is just a tiny bit off, though. So I think I'd probably go with James and hope he doesn't go on a run-around out of the box. But [Capello] can't be chopping and changing this close to the competition. So I think whoever he plays in the next game, whether it be James or Green, I think that'll be who he'll start.’

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