Good news, gooners

It’s a summer of relief for England’s so-called Big 4. First Fernando Torres reveals that he is going to be staying at Liverpool, then news comes out that Arsenal midfielder and all-round pocket dynamo Cesc Fabregas will be staying in North London, for one more season at least. No doubt your office gooner is so happy right now that he’ll be making all sorts of wild claims for the following season, so get in there quick and take a bet on everything.

Earlier on in the close season they would have been more or less resigned to losing their star player to Barcelona, which would have seriously damaged Arsenal’s chances of winning anything this season, but they simply flat out refused any bids from the Catalan giants for the 23-year-old Spanish international, and after turning down a £29million offer, it was made clear that only a mega-bid along the lines of what Cristiano Ronaldo was bought for by Real Madrid would wrench him from Arsenal’s grasp.

Barcelona have had some dodgy financial figures made public recently (their stupid transfer deal with Inter, in which they signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic and sold Samuel Eto’o, while shifting over a large lump of cash in the process, can’t have helped matters), and as such it was made fairly clear that they weren’t going to top their original bid. Not that it’ll stop Arsenal limping their way out of everything as early as usual, but there you go.

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