Where to buy affordable golf wear online

If you're into golf you'll know that you won't only need all the equipment, but you'll need to look the part as well. This is why finding affordable golf wear is something every golfer has to do at some point, and this great news is that one site really has it all and at incredibly low prices too. Having the perfect golfing outfit doesn't have to cost you an arm or a leg. Let's see where to go?

Direct-golf.co.uk has an astounding variety of golfing items, and you'll find affordable golf wear here right along side high quality golfing gear. If you navigate to the clothing section of the site you'll see just how easy it is to find exactly what you need. You can sort the results you see by price or even search by relevance. You're also able to choose from a variety of manufacturers some of which include 1000 Mile, Adams Golf, Adidas, Ashworth, John Letters, Mizuno, Nike, Pringle, Taylormade, Titleist and many more! There's also a sub category where you're able to tell the site which items you're looking for, everything from base layers to windshirts are covered there.

If you're after some great deals you need to click on the Sale section. William Hunt golfing trousers sells here for only £39.99! If you're into your golfing you'll probably know that these trousers usually sell for around £150.00, so this is a saving of over 70%. There are also an assortment of Nike golf shirts here and these start from only £23.99. The Nike golf novelty stripe golf shirt sells here for only £27.99, and that's a saving of 37% on the recommended retail price of £45.00.

It's easy to see how this site can save you money, so head on over and show your support. If you purchase for £10.00 or more you get free delivery, so talk about great value!

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