Perfect that golf swing with lessons online

Is your golf swing reminiscent of a demolition ball lurching into a condemned house? Or more like an arthritic dancer trying to do the twist? If you want to make your swing a slick movement of absolute grace and precision worthy of a US Open champion, well dream on, but a few online lessons can't hurt.

If you want a nice and simple basic swing just to get that ball moving off the tee, head for 1st-beginners-golf-swing-tips.com. They promise no miracles, merely a guide to the basics. You'll be taken through the setup, the grip, the steps, the backswing, the down swing and the follow through. Think of it as sporting choreography, just getting the steps in the right order.

Lesson 4 at Golf Today's (golftoday.co.uk) golf tuition section is a nicely illustrated guide to the essentials of the golfswing. This is for players who want as much technical detail as possible on elements like addressing the ball, keeping the club head square to the line of the shot, and all sorts of other considerations that can make striking a golf ball seem like rocket science.

Rotary Swing Golf is a tested golf teaching method. The website at oneplanegolfswing.com offers 25 free videos to members, which suggests that perfecting a decent swing can be something of a saga. The videos include analysis of the Tiger Woods swing, along with plenty of instructional videos. Basic membership is free, but if you become a premium member you are promised even more tips on how to make your golf swing a swing of beauty.

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