Play Tiger Woods golf on line

We've all wanted to emulate Tiger, sinking a 30 footer from left to right to take the lead in the US Open. The closest we'll get to it is the Tiger Woods PGA Tour simulation game, and it's now possible to play this excellent form of virtual golf on line, for free.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online (tigerwoodsonline.ea.com) promises the most realistic golf game on the web. The website allows you to play a basic but entertaining version for free in your web browser without having to download any programmes.

Sign up with an email address and you are ready to play straight away. There are full 3D graphics for added realism and you can play over simulations of challenging courses, although you will have to pay for access to the full range.

You can tweak the mechanics of the game to make it more challenging. You can go for the familiar 3 click swing style that has been part of golf games for as long as they have existed, or opt for a trickier and subtler True Swing, involving bringing the mouse back and forward to replicate a swing.

Part of the game's appeal will be social and interactive elements. You can link the game to Facebook to challenge friends and colleagues, or you can simply try to beat the longest drive and longest putt records set that day.

It's potentially the most addictive golf game on line, and, initially at least, it's free. If you want to access the full range of the game, including extra courses and characterisation you'll need to pay a subscription.

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