Need golf lessons in Devon?

The South West of England has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, so where better to play a round of golf? But if you need to work on your golf skills, then a lesson may be in order. And where better to hone your craft than in one of Britain's favourite counties - Devon? Here's some of your current options for golf lessons in Devon.

The South West Golf Guru is one of the most respected options for improving your golfing skills. Taught by certified PGA coach Mike Hawton, this program can be tailored to your specific skill set and experience, making this ideal for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Skills that can be worked on include golf swing mechanics, short game, putting and swing, amongst other fundamentals.

The South West Golf Guru also utilises the latest in technology and equipment, with features such as the TOMI Putting Analyser to improve your skills on the green, a Powertee pop-up driving range, as well as custom fitting so that your set of clubs specifically matches your physique, frame and grip.

Prices for this program start from around £20 for an assessment session lasting half an hour, to £100 for six lessons, making this an affordable option.

Elsewhere, the peaceful Woodbury Park course offers lessons taught by Allan Perry, a former PGA pro. Perry's lessons incorporate technology such as GASP, and special packages dealing with your short game can be arranged. Prices start from £24 for a half hour session, while packages for six lessons begin at £120.

For more information on golf lessons in Devon, why not contact your local golf course?

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