Thinking of taking golf lessons in Devon?

Whether you are a beginner or just looking to improve your game, golf lessons in Devon and across the rest of the country are widely available. You do not need to be a member of a club or golfing society to enjoy lessons: many golf tutors conduct one to one sessions with anybody who is willing to book a course of lessons. It is recommended that you have between 6 and 10 lessons especially if you are a beginner at golf.

If you are serious about your golf and would like to join a club or are already a member, there are benefits to be enjoyed: and not just the post round pint. Club members may find that they can have lessons at a reduced rate. If you are looking for golf lessons in Devon contacting your local golf club would be a good first step as they will be able to point you in the direction of a recommended and qualified golf instructor. To find your closest club, visit golfindevon.co.uk; a comprehensive list of all golf clubs and courses in the county.

Private lessons are also available without going through a club. You could sign up to a golfing tuition break through the Devon Golf Academy, or contact an instructor directly such as southwestgolfguru.com. Golf lessons in Devon and elsewhere are hugely popular so you may find that there is a slight delay before your lessons start. In the meantime, you can get out there and either join a club or pay per play to start getting  your eye in.

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