Smooth out that swing with the right golf gloves

An erratic golfer always blames his equipment. The clubs aren't balanced, that jumper interferes with your swing, you're playing with the wrong kind of ball. It can be consoling to head for the shop and indulge in some therapeutic shopping. You just know that new golf gloves are going to take a couple of shots off your scores, and start you thinking about trying to qualify for the US Open.

The Bionic Men's Golf Glove (www.bionicgloves.com) sounds good, and has all those soothing features to increase your confidence. Anatomical relief pads stop the club face from twisting at the moment of contact with the ball. The glove helps increase swing speed on those long drives, and it keeps your hands dry and cool. Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) has them from £11.99.

The Longridge All Weather Glove is the smart choice if you ever play any of those fiendish Scottish courses with the rain and wind lashing in off the North Sea. This glove will help you keep some sensation in your fingers and maintain a decent grip on the irons. Prices start at just £4.39.

The FootJoy 2011 Men's SciFlex Golf Glove is the perfect choice if you are one of those golfers who enjoy dropping a lot of jargon to impress your fellow players at the first tee.

This glove is all about impressive sounding trademark names. It's made from hand crafted Taction APL leather providing secure gripping surfaces. It has an angled ComforTab closure for a stress-free fit, and a PowerNet mesh insert over the knuckles for extra comfort and breathability as your hand flexes. By the time you've finished laughing at your friends' comparatively inadequate golf gloves, they may be on the 4th green. £9.99 has to be a bargain for that much technology.

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