Hit the course in the smartest golf gear

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or an aspiring Tiger Woods, you will want to look your best on the golf course. All the more so if you are socialising with your co-workers, especially your boss!

You want to give the impression of being someone who is effortlessly stylish on the golf course, oozing professional sportsmanship on and off the course.

What better way to achieve this than to freshen up your golfing wardrobe? Some of the best golf gear can now be conveniently purchased online, saving you having to trawl through the shops in your leisure time.

A great website to start with is Online Golf, http://www.onlinegolf.co.uk/, which is a virtual ‘one stop shop’ for all your golfing needs. There is some great golf clothing on offer here, including sweaters, gloves, shoes, and for when the weather becomes ‘challenging’, a great range of base layers, waterproofs and windshirts. Why not throw out those grotty old golf towels and treat yourself to some new ones?

Direct Golf, http://www.direct-golf.co.uk/, is also worth a good look around for some great deals on the top brands. If you are really looking to impress with top name golf gear and equipment, try a brand such as TaylorMade Golf, a pioneer in the development of golf technology, to get you noticed.

Another top name for the best golf gear is world-renowned brand Dunlop - http://www.dunlopsport.com/gb. Other well-respected brands include leading sports goods manufacturer Nike – http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikegolf/language_tunnel/- and of course Adidas Golf.

Whatever your golfing style, it’s worth putting some effort into your look with the best golf gear, so you can look as stylish on the course as you do at the ‘19th hole’!

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