Golf equipments: the basic equipment you need to play golf

Golf is one of the most engaging and fan outdoor activities you can play. To play golf, however, you need some basic equipment. Golf equipments encompass all the implements you’ll need to strike the golf ball, items that will aid in playing a stroke as well as items that will add to enjoyment of play.

Golf balls

You cannot play golf without golf balls. Modern golf balls are typically 42.67 mm in diameter and weigh 45.93 grams. The balls are made of two, three or four layers of various synthetic materials such as Urethane to give a hard exterior. Usually, the balls will have patterns of 300 to 400 dimples etched on the outer surface to give them good aerodynamics, spin and feel.

Golf balls are classified into three groups depending on their construction layers –- two-piece, three-piece and four-piece balls. Generally, four-piece golf balls are of superior quality and often more expensive than three-piece and two-piece layered balls respectively. However, when buying your golf balls, be aware that the price of the ball does not always assure quality.


Clubs are the equipment you’ll use to strike the ball. The four major types of golf clubs are irons, woods, putters and wedges. Irons are used for precision shots from roughs or fairways, wedges are similar to irons but are used to strike short distances, woods strike long shots while putters are mostly used for approach shots or when playing from bunkers because they have minimal loft that forces the ball to stay on the putting surface when struck.

A hybrid is a new type of club that combines the characteristics of the iron and wood. It is often used for striking long shots from difficult rough. A hybrid is especially useful for players who find it difficult to get the ball in the air with long irons.

Golf players may (and usually do) carry several clubs during play to use for different situations. The rules of the sport, however, limit the number of golf clubs a player can carry to no more than fourteen.


Tees are wooden or plastic pieces that are placed on or pushed into the ground to hold the ball steady for an easier first shot or tee shot (also known as drive). Usually, tees resemble nails with a cup on the head for holding the ball. The rules of the sport allow use of tees only when taking your first stroke or drive. After the tee shot is taken you may not use tees until the end of a round.

Golf bags

Golf bags are used for transporting balls, clubs, tees and other golf supplies. They are usually made of leather or nylon and are cylindrically-shaped with several pockets for holding all your golf supplies. You can carry, pull or harness your golf bag to a motorised golf cart.

With your golf equipments on hand, it’s time to hit the course and enjoy a round or two of golf!

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