Check Golf Digest for all the latest golf news and views

Wondering how the US and Europe teams are taking shape for the Ryder Cup? Keen to hear about Tiger Woods's comeback? Or just in the market for a new set of irons? Golf Digest has everything the keen golfer and golf fan needs to know.

The US Golf Digest and Golf World magazines are amongst the world's most popular sports journals and the website at golfdigest.com complements the print magazines with a wealth of material.

The latest breaking news from the world of golf appears on the website, with quick updates and interview material on the major tournaments, injuries, championship previews and coaches' assessments.

In addition there is plenty of useful information for the amateur player, with club and equipment reviews, profiles of top courses, and handy tips on how to improve your game. The Make Me Better programme offers detailed video tutorials to improve every element of your game, from driving to putting.

For fellow player's comments join the discussion forum at golfwrx.com, where clubs and courses are the subject of candid opinion and chat among players who have used those clubs or missed those fairways.

Golf Digest comes into its own during the major tournaments like the Ryder Cup (rydercup.com) or US Masters (masters.com). This is the site that will have the latest news, score updates, video clips and detailed analysis of every aspect of a day's play.

An International Subscription of 12 issues of Golf Digest would cost in the region of £40 depending on the current exchange rate against the dollar.

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