Golf Courses for Sale in Yorkshire, England

Buying a golf course can be a very expensive undertaking. In England, there are golf courses sale Yorkshire properties available. This could be a substantial opportunity for property developers, investors or entrepreneurs who want to run and operate a golf course. The golfing industry is a billion dollar industry. In the past, it was seen as a sport that was only played by the wealthy. However, with the rise of Tiger Woods, the game has exploded all over the world. The following are golf course properties that are available for sale in Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire Driving Range

This property offers a 9 hole course in West Yorkshire. The business financials showed revenues of £469k. This property has a listing agent and is a freehold sale at £2,500,000. The property also features a hotel that has 42 bedrooms. The business features a restaurant and lounge. The driving range was owned and operated as a family business. Now, the owners are selling so that they may retire.

Golf Course Features

When purchasing a golf course, you want to make sure that it comes with all the right features and amenities. A golf course will have a fairway, teeing grounds, hazards, the rough and the green.  These are all developed areas that make up the course. A traditional golf course will have 18 holes. Some golf courses have up to 36 holes. In Yorkshire, there are 7 competing golf courses.

Golf Course Expenditures

If you are interesting in purchasing a golf course in Yorkshire, there are expenditures you need to take into account. Expenditures include staffing. In order to properly operate a golf course, you will need to hire employees. Expenditures will include golf carts. Depending on the size of the course, adding the ability for golfers to ride to their next location is an added convenience and adds to the experience. Regular expenditures will include taxes, water and lawn maintenance. These are basic operating expenses that will have to be paid in order to keep your golf operation running.



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