Golf Courses & Clubs For Sale Around the World

Golf course real estate can be a lucrative way of investing your money. Golf courses sale of properties are worth three times more than the average home. Investors can decide to buy a golf course home, while there are those that decide to invest in a whole golf course or country club. There are a number of things that each investor should consider before buying an actual golf course. Location is one very important factor when choosing to invest in a golf course. Golf courses that are located near downtown cities will appreciate in value faster than courses in countryside locations. Another factor to consider when investing in a golf course is the developer. Investors need to make sure that they are buying a piece of property from a reputable and financially stable company. Also consider the design of the golf course. The design of the property always adds to the net value of the golf course and translates into faster appreciation.

Pyrford Golf Club - United Kingdom

The Pyrford Golf Club is located in Surrey. The course features an 18-hole course with a green fairway of 6256 yards. This golf club was designed by Peter Alliss and Clive Clarke. It has a total of 27 acres of landscaped lakes within the property. The total area for the entire golf club property is 136 acres. It also includes a practice putting ground and other golf practice facilities. It has a two-storey clubhouse with a total area of 740 square meters. The clubhouse has retail and bar areas as well as lounge facilities. The turnover price for this golf club property is 1.2 million pounds.

Chelsfield Lake Golf Centre - United Kingdom

The Chelsfield Lake Golf Centre in Kent has a total of 18 holes with 6112 yards on the fairway. It has a total land area of 190 acres. The course was built in 1993. This golf property also has a short game area and a 36-bay floodlit golf range. The property also includes an 870-square meter clubhouse with various facilities. It also has a golf shop and a staff flat. The price for the entire golf course property is 1.4 million pounds.

18 Hole Championship Golf Course - USA

This Tranzon Auction 18-Hole Championship golf course is located in Woodbridge, Connecticut. It has an asking price of $1,590,000 (USD) with a total area of 180 acres. It was built in the year 2000. The course features a total of 18 holes and has 6680 yards of green fairway. This golf course was designed by Geoffrey Cornish, who also designed the Pines International Golf Course in Bolton, Massachusetts. This golf course also has a clubhouse, banquet facility, tennis courts and swimming pools. It also has a 3-bedroom residential unit within the vicinity.


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