Look for golf courses for sale in Sussex

If you are considering a foray into the leisure industry, the world of golf is a good route to take since this is one sporting activity which appears not to have experienced a decline despite the difficult economic situation of recent years. Membership to golf clubs is typically increasing year on year, regardless of where the course is located around the country. Many clubs even have a waiting list for new members.

Golf course sales usually include the golf course and club house themselves, the license for the bar, if applicable, and any other buildings and business interests.

Selling a golf course and club is really like selling any other large area of land and an ongoing business, especially if it is a club and course that is still open. There are plenty of companies that specialise in helping with a golf course sale in Sussex and across the country. If you are interested in buying a golf course and associated leisure facilities, you should consult a specialist website such as daltonsbusiness.com and check out the golf course section. You could also take a look at rightbiz.co.uk and go to the section in the website for golf courses for sale in Sussex.

You should be given in depth details of the golf club, giving annual turnover and profit as well as details of the club membership and any other uses for the club house and grounds. You should be made aware of the condition of the course and buildings and of any work or maintenance charges. As with all property purchases, you will be able to carry out a survey and searches on the club and grounds.

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