Looking to buy golf courses on sale in the Phillippines?

The Philippines charms visitors from around the world with its dramatic topography, lush rainforests, and private island beaches. And now the country is also a great destination for golf, with new courses springing up all over the nation. With the sport increasing in popularity with the new, affluent middle-class, the time is right to invest in a golf course. Here's some current options for golf courses for sale in the Philippines.

The Apuao Grande Island Golf Course near Naga City recently came on the market. Located a short flight from the capital Manila, the Apuao Grande comes with a private airstrip and 15 hectares of landscaped land. This golf course is located on a private island full of palm trees and secluded beaches. The golf course portion of the site is in need of a complete renovation since being destroyed by two typhoons in the past 9 years, but prior to this it was operational for over twenty years. The twelve hole golf course is available for the knock-down price of €350,000, ideal for someone looking to get a foot in the market. The island also has the enticing possibility of being turned into a tourist resort, making this a potential steal.

Elsewhere in the country there is a large, well established golf course and club house on sale in Batangas near Manila. This massive 104 Hectare site has the potential to be turned into a luxury hotel or even a large residential development, and has an asking price of around £11,000,000. It can be purchased through Sulit.com.

So if you are looking for a golf courses sale in the Philippines, then remember that there are a wide range of courses available, from luxury resorts to more remote sites with potential and in need of rebuilding.

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