We take a look at golf courses for sale in the northwest.

Selling a golf course is really like selling any other large area of land and an ongoing business, especially if it is a club and course that is still running. There are plenty of companies to help with a golf course sale in the northwest and across the country.

One of the golf courses for sale in the northwest of the United Kingdom is in Lancashire. The business comprises a nine hole golf course with a flood lit driving range based in this northwest county in England. The annual turnover is approximately £200,000. The site is substantial with a sports bar, cafe and other facilities set in 40 acres of beautiful unspoilt countryside. The vendor is looking for a hefty price tag of £1.9 million for this golf course and associated business but it has a thriving membership and a high annual turnover.

If you are interested in buying a golf course and associated leisure facilities, you should consult a specialist website such as daltonsbusiness.comand check out the golf course section. You could also take a look at rightbiz.co.uk and go to the section for golf courses for sale in the northwest on this website. If you are considering going into the leisure industry, golf courses are not a bad bet since this is one sporting activity which appears not to have experienced a decline despite the economic situation and their traditionally not inconsiderable membership costs. Golf is a continually growing industry and one that could be good  to enter.

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