Check out the best golf courses in Sale and Dorset!

Dorset, in south west England is one of the most picturesque places in all of England. It is also Thomas Hardy country and there is barely a square inch of its glorious countryside that does not appear in at least one of his books. And, aside from literary merit, Dorset has plenty to offer the casual tourist. To start with, it boasts some of England's most famous and lovely golf courses. In this blog post, we intend to take you through out top 3!

  1. Our top pick is Ferndown Golf Course. This gorgeous heathdown golf course that is flush with ferns, heather, pine and rhododendrons. Designed by Harold Wilton and opened in 1914, this course has lost none of the charm that originally made it famous. At just 6,500 yards this is a short course but its tough bunkers and cruel doglegs make this a challenge to be relished! We thoroughly recommend giving it a try.
  2. At number 2 we find Remedy Oak which is one of the finest courses in the South. It sits serenely in wooded splendour and boasts a small, exclusive membership. Plan a trip here if you wish to enjoy a true championship course.
  3. Our number three is a true classic. The Isle of Purbeck Golf Club was created in 1892 and commands the most stunning views you will ever enjoy with a club in your hand! However, with great heights (and thus great panoramas) come great responsibilities and accuracy is at a premium on this course, especially if the wind is up. And it was once owned by Enid Blyton!

If you're looking for golf courses sale dorset these could come up for sale soon so keep your ears and eyes open!


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