Get more for less with great golf club sets

Whether you are a novice golfer or experienced on the golfing circuit, you’re going to need a good quality golf club sets to make the most of your skills on the course.

With a little know-how you can get some great deals on the best sets. For example this Jaxx RXII 12-piece set has been reduced from a RRP of £149 to just £99 - http://www.direct-golf.co.uk/golf_packages/jaxx/rxii_12_piece_golf_package_set_golf_packages/p11171.aspx.The set includes a matching stand bag with divider top for easy club selection and a comfortable dual carry strap – important for when you’re approaching that 18th hole!

If your budget can stretch a little higher, perhaps you might like to consider this Wilson 1200 XCG Package, also available via www.direct-golf.co.uk. Having been reduced to £199 from a RRP of £299, this set also represents great value for a golfer looking to upgrade their equipment.

Another great website to try for value for money golfing equipment is Golf Gear, www.golfgear.co.uk, which promises the UK’s best value golfing sets. The lowest priced option comes in at just £69.99. This website has the useful option of allowing you to choose sets by men’s / women’s right or left hand, and is a great ‘one stop shop’ for all your other golfing needs, with a great range of shoes, bags, putters,chippers and wedges.

With a little shopping around you should easily be able to find great value golf clubs sets online which are both affordable and stylish –so you’re sure to look the part by the time you reach the ‘19th hole’!

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