Where to find the biggest golf club sales online

If you're a golfer on a budget or a parent trying to cater for your child's interest in the game, finding golf club sales has probably become a regular activity. The great news is that the days where you had to drive around town and search the High street for affordable golf clubs are long gone. You're now able to find the best deals on a mind blowing selection of golf clubs with only a few clicks of your mouse. Let's see where you should look?

Direct-golf.co.uk is one of those sites you just cannot ignore if you're searching the Net for golf clubs on sale. If you click on the 'golf club' section in the menu at the top of the site you'll see a drop down menu with various options. Clicking on the 'clubs for sale' link will take you straight to some incredible deals. Here you'll find irons, hybrids, wedges, drivers and fairways woods for sale. Let's look at some of the current offers?

The biggest discount on the site is for the Nike Golf SQ Machspeed driver. This usually sells for around £199.00, but for the duration of the sale you can get it for only £99.00! That's an incredible saving of 50%. Want an even better deal? No problem, because if you buy this driver you get a free Nike Dura feel glove!

Onlinegolf.co.uk is another site you must look at if you're looking for golf clubs at sale prices. This is a bargain hunter's paradise, and with the Bullet Golf Satin Wedge at only £9.99 you can see for yourself that playing golf doesn’t have to break the bank. This club usually retails for £24.99, so that’s a saving of 60%! If you're into some of the more expensive brand names, try the Taylor Made Burner Fairway Wood for only £89.99!  If you're up to date on prices you'll know that these clubs can sell for as much as £150.00, so that's already a great saving, and if you buy two you can expect to pay only £170.00!

There's no excuse to not get the best prices possible, so head on over and browse the impressive selections on offer!

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