Buying cheap golf club equipment


Throughout it's history golf has often been seen as a slightly elitist sport, that has been dominated by the higher classes. This has in some part been down to the expensive cost of the sport. Joining a club and buying the equipment can be off putting to those without much disposable income.

This has begun to change in recent decades with manufacturers creating cheaper ranges of golf club equipment, and more second hand equipment becoming available.


Where to buy cheap equipment

The first place to begin looking might be at a local sports store. There are often deals on old models of golf clubs and golf wear. It is a good idea for a beginner to go directly to the sports stores (such as JJB Sports, Lillywhites, JD Sports etc) as here you can get a feel for the clubs and make sure they are the correct size etc and they will often be able to give you advice on the equipment.

For the best prices however, you are best off searching online. Golf club equipment is a huge business online and there are many companies competing on price.

There are specialist golf stores such as Golf Course Equipment (golfcourseequipment.com), Golf Warehouse (golfwarehouse.com), and American Golf (americangolf.co.uk). All of these online stores have thousands of products to choose from including golf clubs, bags, trolleys, tees, balls, attire, and brolleys.

Second Hand

For the cheapest golf club equipment, the second hand market might be the best place to look. At Amazon (amazon.co.uk), and Ebay, (ebay.co.uk) you can find a huge range of pre-owned equipment. Some of the previously mentioned online stores also have a second hand section.

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