Pick up cheap irons at a golf club sale

They became the modern day version of the "End is Nigh" sign. In every town in Britain there was usually somebody on the High Street with a placard directing you to a golf sale in a nearby hotel. Anyone who took the plunge could usually find a bargain golf club or 2 amidst the ranks of discontinued drivers and past-their-prime putters.

Golf sales are still out there, albeit not quite as common. Much of the discount action has moved online (to sites like www.golf-direct.co.uk) or into occasional weekend sales. Check the local press for details of sales in your area. They always get a lot more popular around the time of major golf events like the Ryder Cup.

In the meantime discount stores like American Golf (www.www.americangolf.co.uk) offer great savings in their shops and online.Their sale discounts often slash about 50% off the usual retail price.

Sets of irons are particular bargains. A set of Benross VX-51 Forged Irons, from a 4-iron through to a pitching wedge, is a great deal at £199.99. The heads are made from soft carbon steel, for great feel and workability for the golfer with a subtle touch around the greens. These are smart clubs for the serious golfer.

Their Mizuno Golf MX-100 Irons, from 4-iron through to sand wedge, are for the slightly less-advanced golfer. Their design helps the accuracy of the shot with a sweet spot extended into the toe, deep cavities and modified U-Grooves for stability and enhanced short shot control. With this make of golf club, your chips and lobs will suddenly seem a lot easier. The set is a lot easier on the wallet too at just £229.

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