Golden Tancock

Amusingly-named Liam Tancock won the 50m backstroke at the World Championships in Rome yesterday, and broke his own world record in the process.

The Brit, a 25-year-old from Exeter, set a new world record of 24.08 in the semi-finals, and lowered it again yesterday to 24.04. Despite the win, Tancock would still be slightly disappointed that he didn’t make the medal places in the 100m backstroke, as the 50m is not an Olympic event.

‘This is a bonus event,’ he said, despite saying that he was ‘ecstatic’. ‘I've picked up a medal here but I just missed out by nine-hundredths in the 100m, and that's what I'm always practising for.

‘I haven't actually properly done a 50m backstroke since I broke the world record in April 2008, it had been broken again since then, and I wanted it back.’

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